4 Little Things to Help You Make a Big Difference

4 Little Things

There’s a tiny little voice inside my head that says things like: you aren’t good enough you don’t have anything to offer you can’t make a difference why bother? I wouldn’t really admit that to many. After all, few of us really ever want to concede our lives aren’t perfect, that we aren’t perfect. But […]

7 Scriptures to Help Survive Grief

Survive Grief

My best Friend died. Grief was entirely new to me. Oh, people I loved had died before – aunts and uncles, grandparents, and so on. I was sad when those people died; I missed them. I even wondered about their eternal rest, but I felt comfortable in knowing that they were in Heaven, and I […]

Only the Next Step


  Lost in thought, overwhelmed with the uncertainty of where I’m supposed to go next. Not physically. Not a place. Instead, in what direction do I head spiritually? I feel Him calling me, but I’m not sure what He’s saying. Where do I go? What’s the big picture? What am I supposed to accomplish? I […]

Flash of Light or Burning Ember?

Flash of Light, Burning Ember

Some people are the spark, the flash of light that makes people notice, that interests and excites; others are the burning embers designed to provide long term warmth and comfort to those in need. I lay in bed this morning praying about a speaking engagement at an upcoming women’s retreat. Worry came before the prayer, […]